::. Triple M News Update



The period of a Beta Launch is usually a time to do all the fine tuning

needed before the official Launch. 


We have had to brainstorm over several different payment structures

and we have finally settled on what we believe will be the most rewarding

Pay Plan structure for our members. 


Here are just a few reasons:


1 - With our Booster Plan...we are able to give our Members

 .   a very affordable way to get started. Only $5 per position


2 - By allowing our members to own any number of Income Centers

.    we have created the perfect way for anyone to earn a potentially

.    unlimited income.


3 - On top of all that we pay a 100% Matching Bonus on ALL Personal

.    Referrals. That means if you are the Sponsor of any of your extra

.    Income Centers, YOU are the one who earns the 100% Matching Bonus!


Stay tuned. In the coming Updates we will be exploring the best

Strategies to help Members maximize the Pay Plan and we will also

be sharing all the ways our most successful Members are using to grow

and earn big.




If you have not joined us yet...please do so by clicking the link below:



We need everyone's contribution and we also need to build a strong

sense of Community.


Thank you, Team


Let's get to work


Money Maker Matrix Support

20 Oct 2018